How to Properly Create and Design a Minimalist Kitchen

The trend of going minimalist is not a new one, but it is one that’s gaining strength every year, and it’s very likely to become more and more popular. It shouldn’t surprise us. After all, with so many things to gather in this consumer-driven world, clutter tends to build up very quickly. That, combined with a growing awareness of the planet and efforts to create sustainability, and you’ve got the perfect conditions for people deciding to take a step back and realising that less is actually more.


Freeing up space and simplifying things is always a great idea, although it may seem a bit hard to do when it comes to the kitchen – how do you create such a place in an area that is supposed to be full of tools and ingredients? It’s actually easier than you expect. Here’s how to properly create and design a minimalist kitchen.


It may seem like a lot of work, but in order to truly go minimalist, you have to get all the stuff in your kitchen, put it in plain sight, and decide whether you truly need it or not. Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and re-assess your needs; you’re likely to find plenty of stuff that you simply never use and is just a waste of space, gathering dust and cluttering things up. Start with a clean slate. If there are things you never use, get rid of them. If there are things you sometimes use, store them outside the kitchen. Keep only what you need on a regular basis.

Clean surfaces

Once you’ve gone through all those items, don’t immediately put them back – clean all the surfaces. The beauty about clean granite or quartz worktops is that you can actually use them to store some commonly used items on as well, as confirmed by worktop specialists like The essence of minimalism in the kitchen is that everything is easy to clean and all the surfaces are smooth, with only the bare essentials on display.

Organise for practicality

Once you’ve decided which items to keep, examine your cupboards and shelves carefully and see how you can fit every item in a particular place so it makes maximum use of that space. It’s a bit of a puzzle, but it can be fun. Organise for practicality.

Creating that clean area and having your kitchen full of smooth surfaces not only allows you to enjoy the beauty of the kitchen more, it also ensures that the preparation of food goes smoother and easier. It’s also a lot easier to clean up afterward. It makes you more efficient and gives a sense of accomplishment. The advantages are simply too numerous; it’s time to start re-thinking your kitchen and how it’s organised. It’s time to give minimalism a try.

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