How to Make Your Big Room Seem Cosy

How to Make Your Big Room Seem Cosy

When it comes to house hunting, many of us are looking for big, bright rooms in our property searches. Indeed, it is quite an achievement to buy and live in a ‘big home’ which can be great for socialising and entertaining, as well as keeping big families happy. But sometimes, especially when it comes to the winter, it can feel a little cold and stark to have a big room to fill. Those lovely big windows can appear drafty and cold, and occasionally just the decor itself can get you reaching for a jumper. So here we look at some easy and cost effective ways to cosy up your big room, making your house perfect in all seasons:

Tip #1 : Textures are always a hit

Try and add some textures into your big room to get a cosy feeling about it. This can be as simple as adding a fluffy/shaggy rug – a great floor filler and an instant cosy feeling under the toes. You might also consider adding a throw onto the back of your sofa or armchair. Cushions are another great way to make a living room appear inviting and cosy. If you’re not sure what to buy because you’re afraid of how it will look, you can use online visualiser tools such as OKA’s cushion arranger to see how different colours and patterns would look on your sofa. You can add small and big cushions on your armchairs, as well as longer shaped cushions to mix it up a bit.

Tip #3 : Not everything has to match

Linked with the above tip, matching your items really doesn’t need to be a priority. In fact, when you opt for all the same colours, your living room can appear bland, unified and therefore quite cold and uninviting. Instead, try and mix it up a bit. By adding some patterns and some bold colours, even if the walls in your room are monochrome or very plain, you can really create a whole new feel to your home. If you don’t like something, just take it away or try it in a new location. There’s no hard and fast rule – do what you think looks right!

Tip #4 : Add candles or flickering LEDs

Adding candles to your home instantly makes it feel cosy and festive. You can get some fantastic scented candles as well, which can evoke further feelings or warmth in your living room (or any room in your house, for that matter!) If you have children around, or you’re worried you’ll forget to blow some candles out, you could always opt for LEDs. You can get a fantastic range of LEDs in your local department or homeware store, and they operate from a battery which lasts a long time. You can put them around your windowsills or how about on your fireplace to really cosy things up!