Going to the Gym for First-timers

Going to the Gym for First-timers

Whether you want that perfect body or you just want to stay healthy, working out has many benefits. Going to the gym is not only good for long-term health, but it also provides stress relief. Many active gym goers even claim they feel a “workout high” after they have completed an intense workout.


So what is stopping you?


Sometimes those avid gym rats can be a bit intimidating for those newcomers wanting to start working out. They might feel as they don’t know how to use a machine or what proper gym etiquette is. These gym rats love seeing new people coming to their gym, but it can get annoying when they don’t know gym code of conduct.


For those newbies looking to go to the gym for the first time here are some rules to remember.


  1. When you first join a gym, take advantage of any offers you might get as a new member. This might include a reduced priced or maybe free personal training. A personal trainer can help teach you how to use the basic machines and get you started.
  2. Be sure to clean down any equipment after use. The gym has so many germs after multiple people using the same equipment. There should be a towel and disinfectant near most machines that you should use to clean after use. It is also good to wipe down machines before you use them because you don’t know who used them before you.
  3. Practice proper hygiene by making sure the clothes you wear are clean and to shower after your workout. No one wants to work out next to someone who smells like they haven’t showered in a week!
  4. Know your machine time limits. If you are going to the gym around a peak time and it seems crowded, don’t hog a machine for too long. If there are no machines open you must wait your turn in line until one opens. Once you get a machine make sure to only spend about thirty minutes on the machine then go to a less popular machine if you want to continue your workout.
  5. Don’t worry about how funny you think you look or if you don’t have the latest fashionable workout attire. All you need is a positive attitude and some determination to succeed. If you want to get some new workout clothes so you feel confident that would never hurt. Also, always be sure to replace old running shoes when they start to get worn out.



Lastly, remember to take it slow. Don’t try to keep up with a bodybuilder on the machine next to you, just go at your own pace. When you finally finish your workout you might be sore, but you will also feel very accomplished! Maybe this whole exercising isn’t so bad now?