10 Benefits of kid’s playing sports

Playing sports is important for kid’s and their health, the physical benefits are obviously clear but sports offers so much more. Sports also help kids with with their studies and engaging with other kids on a social level. The good thing is that such a beneficial thing doesn’t need to be so expensive because there are plenty of local parks to play in, if they need kit then you can always find great discounts with groupon.

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They don’t have to play for the school team, county or city team because they can always joint a local group or just play with their friends. Which ever team they play for, here are ten ways which they will benefit them.

1. Sport is fun. It means that you’re child has something to get them out of the house and be part of a group. Team sorts are important, it also gives them a group to join which they will make friends with.

2. Studies show that children who play sports will feel more confident about themselves physically and have a higher self-esteem. It helps with obesity as well.

3. Kids that play sports are always less inclined to use drugs or take up smoking because they are fully aware of how these things will negatively impact their performance.

4. Sport is a great way to relieve stress and depression in kids.

5. Sports teaches children essential values and discipline. Kids are shown that working hard as a group towards a particular goal will deliver results.

6. Playing sports teaches valuable lessons about winning and losing, being able to deal with both situations helps with personal growth. Dealing with disappointment is a big part of growing up and sport is the perfect way to learn.

7. Studies show that the children who play the most sport tend to do better with their academic work and are more likely to graduate from secondary school.

8. Teamwork and leadership are valuable lessons that kids learn when they play sports. Understanding that working as a team can lead to success is an invaluable life lesson.

9. Strategic thinking, counting and motor skills are learned from playing sports. Parents notice how their children develop strategic thinking and the best way to solve problems when working out how to win. Calculating scores will of course help with math skills.

10. Quality of life is always improved when kids stay active. If children learn the value and benefits of sports early on then they are more likely to keep playing when they are older.