The Benefits of Choosing a Freestanding Bath for Your Bathroom

Your bathtub will be one of the fixtures in your bathroom that you use more frequently, so it’s very important to pick something that you like. Adding flair may be your goal and adding a freestanding bath can help you to achieve that sophisticated look quite easily. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that a freestanding bath will bring to your bathroom.


  • A freestanding bath will offer you more flexibility in your bathroom. Built-in bathtubs must be placed against the walls of your bathroom which limits your design ability. When you have ample space, using a freestanding bath can make your bathroom unique and more appealing.
  • Your bathroom will have a definite, distinct look that makes an elegant statement of style. If you have the space, installing your freestanding bath in the middle of the room or adjacent to a large window with an exceptional view will take your bathroom design to a higher level of personal satisfaction.
  • Freestanding baths are available in a myriad of designs and colours. You can buy a bath that sits on a pedestal, one that has quaint legs, or one that is black with golden taps. You can add a touch of nostalgia with a claw foot bath or one that is slipper-shaped.
  • When you choose a freestanding bath, you will have a variety of materials to choose from. Many of the materials are easy to clean and maintain whilst others provide a durable bath that will last for years. The material that you pick can add a unique and bold touch to your bathroom.
  • If you have tile in your bathroom, a freestanding bath can highlight the look of your flooring. When the bath is raised off the floor with a claw foot style or on a pedestal, more of the floor will show which makes the tile more impressive.
  • Having a freestanding bath in your bathroom gives the illusion of more space. If the area beneath your bath is open, the entire area looks larger and more spacious. Keep in mind that you’ll need something to keep your bathing accessories on but try to avoid clutter with pieces of furniture or baskets that can hide floor space and make the bathroom look messy.
  • Today’s suppliers have a plethora of quality and beautiful accessories that coordinate with freestanding baths. You can match your taps, the claw feet on your bath, and other accessories like robe hooks, towel rings, and toilet paper holders quite nicely. Make sure that all of the accessories that you buy are placed conveniently for easy access.

Besides giving your bathroom an entirely new look, a freestanding bath can make your bathroom look larger than it is. With accessories designed to match your bath, you can effectively achieve the look that you want.




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