How to get rid of ice roof dams

In certain parts of the world, it’s very common to have what are called “ice dams” on the roofs of houses and other buildings.  Ice dams are rows of icicles or walls of ice that form at the edge of the roof, near the gutters, and overhang off the edge of the roof.  They are very heavy and can be lethally sharp.

Although there are a few different possible causes of ice dams, the most popular culprits are poor attic insulation and poor roof ventilation.  When the attic is not properly insulated, heat escapes through the attic and, as a result, through the roof. This causes the melting of the snow, which leads to ice dams. Best Roofer Illinois says that “Ice dams are caused when snow on a roof melts because of the heat coming through from the attic below. Once melted, the slushy water flows down to the gutters, where there is no longer any heat from below, and then refreezes. This creates a dam that shoves water back up the roof, under the shingles and into the structure itself.

Whether on a residential or commercial roof, ice dams can cause a whole host of potential problems, from holes and leaks to the leaking of energy.  Your roof cannot effectively do its job of insulating your home in the winter if it is covered in ice.  These problems happen when the ice dams freeze, melt and then re-freeze again.  Moreover, there is a serious risk that an ice dam can dislodge itself and then fall off the roof and injure someone walking by.  If you notice the presence of ice dams on your roof it’s absolutely imperative that you have them removed.

Don’t attempt to remove the ice dams yourself.  That is without a doubt a job for a professional.  Call a licensed roofing company to do this dangerous and tricky job.  They will have the skills and safety equipment (not the mention the insurance!) to do the job safely and effectively.  This is not a job for an amateur, because the average homeowner doesn’t have the equipment, expertise or the safety gear to safety remove ice dams from the roof.  A professional roofing company such as Southern Roofing expertly handle the job for you.  The roofing company will come over and thoroughly inspect your property to inspect the roof of ice dams.  They’ll record their findings in writing for you and develop a plan for removing the dams from your roof.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house.  When it is damaged or compromised in some way, it poses a serious threat to the safety and integrity of your entire house.  Regular roof maintenance is an all-year-round endeavour, as each season brings with it issues that could cause serious problems for your home.  In the case of ice dams, the potential dangers also extend to innocent passersby that could potentially be struck by falling ice.