Vertical Blinds: No Longer the “Typical” Patio Door Treatment

Over the last couple of decades it could be said that patio doors have become synonymous with vertical blinds. We’re all used to seeing them fitted with the same white slats and while they serve a purpose, few would disagree that the effect has worn off somewhat.

We’re not just talking about the styles here, although this is the area where most people will investigate first. As we’ve just pointed out, the only colour that manufacturers of blinds previously dabbled in was white – anything else just wasn’t available.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 6.47.49 PM

Now, the scene has changed tremendously. Not only do we have a wealth of colours available (think anything from your standard white, to your Barbie-pink), but they also arrive in countless textures. Again, we’ll cast our mind back several years when everything was white, everything was smooth. Now we’re presented with countless colours, on countless different textures ranging from pinstripe to patterns we couldn’t even begin to describe. Immediately, that patio door has just been brought to life.

From a practicality sense, these blinds have also developed. For a long time we were used to the “cord and chain” method of control, which basically involved the former controlling the draw while the chain managed the tilt. The beauty about this system was that it did allow, for those that desired it, the blinds to set apart in the middle – just like your traditional set of curtains would.

The big downside was the child and pet safety factor. This has only come to light over recent years, but suffice to say it’s caused some huge talking points and changes in how manufacturers approach new products. It means that it’s now possible to control vertical blinds via a wand, with this device again able to control both the draw and the tilt. The negative is that you cannot draw the blinds apart in the middle and the system has to be placed to one side, but for many the child safety factors dwarf this and make it the obvious choice.

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Something else that has altered, although this isn’t as obvious from an outsider’s perspective, is the method of installation. Many of us who have had these blinds in the past will have remembered the “measure and cut” days, where each slat arrives in a set length which has to be cut down to size depending on your window opening. For large openings, it was a tedious installation process, yet practically every manufacturer now offers their own made to measure service which means that these blinds can be installed in a flash.

Through colour, operation and installation these blinds are slowly moving away from the stereotypical boring tag that they once had. It’s now possible to add character and at least detach your opening from the standard patio door appearance that many of us had. Additionally, despite the advancements, vertical blinds have remained fairly constant in price and still don’t cost the earth to purchase and install.