Enjoy your favourite fried food with a clean conscience 

We all love munching on a plate of fried chips but often we push it away at the thought of the calories and cholesterol loaded in every bite. The air fryer is a blessing to health conscious people everywhere who until now were cutting down on tasty fried food. Deep frying gives food that crispy layer that is so hard to resist, however with the air fryer, you can achieve the same results using little or no oil at all. Now you can enjoy all your favourite snacks, from french-fries to samosas without the extra fat content.


The air fryer has a top grill and uses high-speed air circulation called Rapid Air technology. This unique technology uses a fan and a grill to blow hot air which is up to 200c all around the food that is placed in the fryer. All the food is heated up at the same time, from all sides. It is an extremely quick and easy method to cook food, not to forget it is the healthiest option around. The food that is produced as a result of the fryer has a crispy exterior without draining out the moisture from within the food. Just a spoonful of oil can be drizzled on food before putting it in the fryer and you get the same taste as food which is deep fried in oil. Now you can enjoy food with up to 80 percent less fat content with the air fryer.

The air fryer is recommended by health experts, dieticians and all fitness enthusiasts. This technology is a hit with people who are always in a hurry as it cuts down cooking time by a huge margin. Food is cooked within minutes, all you need to do is set the preparation time and the timer will automatically switch off once the time is over. Most of the fried foods will take around 12 minutes to turn hot and crispy.  The gadget itself resembles something like a rice steamer. It is compact and easy to use.

To get the best results from your air fryer, there are a few handy tips you should know about how to use air fryer Firstly remember to open the air fryer and shake around the food as they fry. Rotating food like chips every 10 minutes or so gives the best results. Since the fryer needs air to circulate around food, it is also advisable not to overcrowd the fryer. Adding a dash of oil is helpful to prevent food from sticking to the basket and to each other. Also remember to pat the food dry before putting it in the fryer in order to prevent splattering and excess smoke. Lastly, don’t limit the use of your air fryer to only frying, it can even be used for roasting, baking and grilling. Many have used the fryer to bake a cake in less than 25 minutes. Get home the air fryer and welcome a healthier lifestyle.