Three home working cons that garden offices can banish

If you’re thinking of working from home, it’s a good idea to be aware of the pros and the cons. As with any big move in life, consideration is often the key to deciding if something is for you or not.

Here are three of the many fantastic pros that home workers can find they benefit from, along with three possible cons that a home garden office like these, rather than a home office inside your house, might be able to help tackle.

First, three fantastic pros:

Commute no-more!

However you end up working from home, if you’ve previously been a commuter, the move will no doubt be a major relief!

Taking a long commute in the morning can have numerous downsides. One of them is that you have to get up extra-early. This can lead to people either staying in bed as long as possible and then having to forego necessities like breakfast or ending up feeling tired because they’ve simply not slept enough!

Working from home will almost certainly push back the time you have to set your alarm for, meaning you can benefit from both more sleep and more time to spare in the morning before work.

Extra time for work

Time will likely also be more of a friend in general if you work from home. Without travel time at the beginning and end of the day, it’s all the more possible to put the equivalent amount of time into work when need’s be, boosting productivity.

Seeing more of the kids

Home workers may be able to see more of their kids, both because of the extra time they can have before and after work, and potentially because they’ll be able to see their young children during lunch hours or other work breaks, if the kids are home.


Some possible cons – and how garden rooms can help –

Working and home life may merge

One thing you definitely don’t want while working is for there to be too much of a merge between working and home life. Though it’s lovely to have the chance to see your toddler at lunch time, hearing him yell while you’re trying to create an important spreadsheet isn’t something that’s going to help productivity.

Luckily, a home garden office set some way away from the house can potentially help you stay that bit further away from the noise of the home – and the activities of anyone else who might be in the house.

Lack of psychological space for work

When we head to work each morning we are going somewhere that is just for that, work. If you go to a room in your house that you work in, even if it’s kitted out just as an office, you might not get that same sense that you’re going somewhere that’s ‘just for work’. If you feel it’s important to have a dedicated building to go for where you can feel like you’re in the ‘working zone’ a home garden office could help.

There’s not enough room!

Working from home is all well and good – if you’ve got space! Ideally, you need a specific room to work in – but that means sacrificing any other use that room might have.

And sometimes it’s just not possible to find the space for such an office room inside the house, a situation that home garden offices can definitely help deal with – so long as you have enough space for one outside.