Want to escape to the country? Think about these five things first

Do you dream of leaving the hustle and bustle of the city and escaping to the country? Well you’re not alone, as this is an aspiration that is shared by countless others across the UK. There’s a good reason for this, as living in the peace and quiet of the countryside can be a dream come true. However, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly and there’s plenty of things that need to be considered before you make the move.

Getting your budget right

First things first, you need to make sure your budget will stand up to relocating. The fact so many people dream of escaping to the country means rural homes are in high demand and this can drive prices up considerably.

Many people’s rural dream sees them move into an old-fashioned house or cottage that is full of country character. Again, such properties tend to be on the pricey side and there’s also running costs to consider. Old properties can be very expensive to heat and the cost of modernising the interior of an old-fashioned home can add up.

Getting paid

The next thing to consider is work and what you will do for income. Will you be able to continue your current job? If that requires you to commute you’ll need to take the cost into account when working out your budget.

Perhaps you’ll be able to work from home, if this is the case you’ll need to make sure your internet connection is up to the task (read on to find out more). If you’re planning to retire to the country you’ll need to assess whether your savings and any other sources of income will be enough to support you.

Getting around

The peace and quiet of the countryside can be joyous. However, it does mean getting around can be a little tricky, as public transport is far less prevalent than in the city. This makes being able to drive especially important as there is a good chance there’ll be no shops and other amenities in walking distance.

If you have children or other family members that can’t drive you’ll need to think about how they will get around and there’s a good chance you’ll be giving a few more lifts than you do at the moment.

Getting online

Be it for work or pleasure, the internet has become a key part of everyday life. However, the remote nature of rural communities means a fast and reliable broadband connection can sometimes be difficult to find.

Many country villages are poorly served by the major internet service providers and you may be better off pursuing analternative technology such as satellite broadband. This works by receiving an internet connection sent from a satellite in space and bypasses the infrastructural developments that can hold back other forms of broadband in the countryside.

Getting bored

A final thing to think about when contemplating moving to the countryside is how you will keep yourself entertained. Many people are attracted by the peace of quiet and rural life, but it does mean there’s a good chance you’ll be a long way from friends, family and other entertainment facilities, so this is something to consider.

There’s no denying rural life can be brilliant and for many people their escape to the country is everything they had hoped for. Thinking carefully about the things listed above before you make the move yourself will increase your chances of feeling the same way.