What essentials should be part of any outdoor enthusiast’s tool kit?

As the winter starts to retreat and the temperatures begin to climb, many of us will be willing to venture out of the house and think about getting out into the open air for the first time in months.

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Before you go straight from your bed to half way up a mountain, take a few minutes to think about what it could be worth investing in if you plan on spending an extended period outside the comforts of modern city living this year.

Suitable clothes

Unless you simply plan to head to the nearest honeypot and spend all day in a quaint village pub, you’re going to need some suitable clothes. If you fancy a walk or a hike, sturdy footwear is essential. Trainers may be suitable for most public footpaths, but dedicated hiking boots will be needed if your route is any more strenuous.

Waterproof clothes are another good investment. There are two main types of waterproofing: exterior coating technology, such as water repellent finishes, and a resistant fabric, such as Gore-Tex and eVent, in which the membrane is actually laminated into the garment.

Some method of cooking

This does not mean just firelighters. Food is critical to enjoyment, morale and wellbeing, so a burner – or even better a portable BBQ – should find a place in your travel kit. Like all outdoor technology BBQs have advanced rapidly over recent years and a portable option is now a feasible camping accessory. Check out the Wow BBQ page to see the stats and spec of the Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal. This is a unique space-saving BBQ that has been crafted by the experts at Weber with countryside cooking in mind.

It has an enamel coated outer, which makes it both extremely durable and waterproof, rust-proof vents and grates, and clever folding legs. These are exactly what you need if you want to enjoy a freshly-cooked meal in the countryside without the worry of charring the natural beauty of the ground that you have travelled to enjoy.

The Weber Go-Anywhere barbecue even comes with a ten-year warranty.

Hiking sticks

If you want to get some serious off-trail exploration done then you should look at buying yourself some hiking sticks. These accessories, also known as trekking sticks and walking poles, provide the extra purchase you’ll need if you want to tackle some of the trickier climbs and steeper slopes the hills and mountains of the UK have to offer.

Hiking sticks have a number of key features that you can look out for. A comfortable and solid handle should be one of your primary concerns as you’ll be very reliant on the the walking aid and if it is not a good fit, a day of carrying it will soon take its toll on your hands.

You can also find hiking sticks which can be extended and retracted as necessary. This gives you more flexibility in changeable terrain and makes them easier to store either at home or in your backpack when you find yourself on level ground once more.


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