Looking ahead to the spring

Spring time is the favourite season of the year for many people.

You get to the point where you have seen off the end of the cold and wet winter, the temperatures are starting to pick up and you still have all of the glorious summer to look forward to, and it can be very comforting. In fact, it is the very thought that gets most people out of bed on a freezing February morning and now that we are on the cusp of spring, why not create some memories that you can hold on to once the days start to get shorter and the leaves turn brown ahead of the winter again?

A great way to do this is to have a themed party. You’ll have all your nearest and dearest around you and the uniqueness of the occasion will ensure that it lives long in the memory.

Here at some ideas to think about.

Easter tea party

As Easter Sunday falls on April 20th this year, you still have plenty of time to ensure that you can celebrate the bank holiday in style. Obviously, the main spectacle of your Easter tea party is going to be chocolate and the hunt for it!

This works great if you or your friends have young children who will enjoy looking in every nook and cranny to find more and more eggs.

If the weather is nice you can hide some treats in the garden to create a real treasure hunt atmosphere. Other features of the party could include jugs of iced tea, beautifully decorated cakes and, if you have a good sense of humour, an adult-sized bunny costume.

BBQ party

The best bits of spring – the blue skies, the tweeting of the baby chicks and the scents of the new blooms – are all outside. So you need to host a party that will get you and your guests out of the house and what better way of doing this than a BBQ?

If you want a showstopping piece of culinary kit to form the centrepiece of your party, you are going to want a big gas barbecue. Not only are these beautiful burning behemoths a spectacular focal point, they also have plenty of grilling space to ensure your guests don’t need to wait too long to get their food.

You can look at a range of options including the ever-popular Weber Spirit on this page.

In terms of the food you’re serving, you may want to steer clean of burgers and sausages, which are associated with the summer BBQ. Great spring alternatives include lamb and chicken.

Spring-themed fancy dress

Fancy dress is always a great way to create memories and embarrassing Facebook pictures. A spring-themed fancy dress could include the aforementioned bunny, Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep, hideous floral shirts, bumblebee costumes and any other outfit that reminds you of the season.

All you need to do is ensure you are the one holding the camera and taking all of the photos.

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