Home Décor Trends for 2014

It’s a brand new year and perhaps it’s time to consider giving your home a facelift, or some fresh new touches to reflect the décor trends for this year. While you may not like all the trends, there are some really stunning ideas that you might want to try in your home. Whether you want to decorate for your own enjoyment or to create a great atmosphere for your guests to enjoy, it’s worth checking out the latest fashion in décor. Many of the ideas are incredibly easy to implement and will definitely provide the wow factor.

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If you are building a new home you should definitely check out what’s popular. Many building experts like http://www.coralhomes.com.au/ will be able to guide you as to the latest colours and design trends.

Mixing it up

The new trend is to use different colours and textures on surfaces; walls, doors and bench tops in the same room can all be different. Metals, woods and fabrics are being put together. Mixing it up is the order of the day.


Colours this season are dramatic. Boring beiges are on the way out. Navy is back in a very big way and blue is the colour choice for 2014. Indigo and navy are being complemented with other vibrant blues like cobalt and peacock blue.

Let the Light Shine In

Décor for 2014 is light and bright. If you are building a house, look for a plan that allows as much natural light in as possible. If you have an existing home make maximum use of light. Open curtains or get rid of them altogether. Let the outside in.

Lights are light and modern this year. Paper lanterns or classy modern lighting fixtures should replace bulky chandeliers. In lamps, abstract or geometric designs are right on trend.

All Things Metal

Metal is back; stainless steel on the bench tops and brass, rose gold or copper for lighting fixtures and ornaments. Copper is the hottest look for 2014. Metal accents can be brought out in furnishings – chairs, tables, lounge suites and chairs. White walls give way to black, a great backdrop for those metallic shades.


2014 trends are reminiscent of the 70’s. If you still have paintings and furnishings from that time, bring them out. Vintage pieces should be highlighted and given pride of place. Look for one-of-a kind curiosities to feature as part of this year’s décor.


Lounges have a regal look this season and velvets and satins are back in vogue. Anything soft and plush is good. Colours that are hot in lounges at the moment are indigo and navy, grey and pink. These colours can be incorporated into your existing furnishing with cushions and rugs. Flowers and chintz are back in style too. There is a definite return to a more traditional look in furnishings.


Kitchens are following the mix-it-up theme with marble, wooden slabs and metal décor all being put together. Geometric shapes are in vogue in the kitchen too.

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