Backyard Blitz: The How to Guide

Backyard Blitz has been a popular and fantastic TV show for many long years and it is that way because everyone would like to imagine themselves as the recipient. A few days of gruelling work turning a normal backyard into a beautiful conversation piece that fills them with wonder to see every day. Now it’ll take a little longer to do it yourself, and be a little harder as well but you can still achieve a beautiful sight.

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Set Up the Space

In order for something beautiful to be painted you first need a canvas, likewise you have to clear the yard before you can do anything with it. The lawn has to be mowed, any trees you aren’t planning to use have to be removed and any excess furniture, equipment or miscellaneous things will have to be safely put away in a Fort Knox Storage container. Clear the area around you, acquire the necessary equipment and set out a budgeted, multi-stage plan. Too many people rush blindly into the situation and pay the price for it.

Make a Centrepiece

The easiest place to start is with what the rest of the yard is going to be designed around, developing a centrepiece for the yard will give you a place to work out from. The centrepiece should be a development for the theme, at least fairly easy to build if you plan to do it yourself, and placed prominently in the middle of the yard where all eyes will be immediately drawn to it. Sundials statues and fountains are fairly traditional choices but this will set the tone for the whole project so go with your heart.

See what you can do cheap

A lot of things can be found on the cheap if you’re willing to go the extra effort and perhaps do a little bit of difficult installation. There are many local plants and flowers you can acquire and plant if you’re willing to go looking for things that look similar to the high expense plants. If you’re willing to get your hands dirty and do a bit of watering every day you can get a great visual effect. Paving, tiles, wood and paint can be acquired easily and you can make an eye capturing visual effect without difficulty.

Have Fun with it

At the end of the day it’s your garden, if you want to put thirteen different colours of flower all over your yard? Go ahead! If you want to turn your entire backyard into the shape of a smiley face? Do it. If you can do it, with the effort and abilities you have then by all means go nuts. The worst that can happen is you have to do it again.

The yard is a fun easy way to make your house look good, show off to your neighbours and make a good impression on anyone who visits. This is something that takes a team of professionals a couple of days, so it might take you a few weeks, but the result will be just as beautiful.

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