Utilising art storage when redesigning the home of artists or art collectors

Homeowners get to stage with interior design when they realise that as well-equipped as they may be in creating a delightful space, not only have they ran out of creative ideas, but they have reached the limit of their physical capabilities. It is time to call in the experts; it is time to call in you.

Interior designers are visionaries who have the ability to transform a home that is nice and welcoming into something much more powerful. Given that this is the space where people occupy most of their non-professional days, it pays to exist in a property that is comfortable, full of meaning and expertly put together.

If, as an interior designer, you are looking to renovate a home belonging to a collector or an artist, the challenge is not so much in redesigning the space, but in what to do with all the works of art that are dotted about the various rooms.

In consultation with the homeowners, the most effective solution is for the works to be transferred to a specialist fine art storage warehouse. Here you can be confident that a collection will be kept in the safest hands possible.

These days the level of service offered by some experts is astonishing, providing not just a wide range of options, but a custom-built answer to whatever specific requirements you have as an interior designer. For more information on a leading company in this area, visit this website.

For example, it is highly likely that you’re going to be exposed to more than just paintings – you will have to cater for installations, sculptures and pieces that are difficult to transport by yourself and ultimately warrant handling by experts.

When you’re dealing with objects worth thousands of pounds – millions depending on who your client is – then this interior design commission goes from being a routine project to something a lot more challenging.

Beyond cost, there is also history to consider – works are valuable for their contribution to the society, for their philosophical enquires and their aesthetic beauty that can leave your breathless.


One thing is absolute: you have plenty of options. For example, in discussion with a contact at a fine art moving and storage company, you can come up with a total plan. This can include sculpture-specific solutions, painting options – these tend to be located on bespoke racks – and time dependent options.

More so, there are also opportunities to cater for your clients. Artists and collectors may desire, for example, continuous access to their works of art, so a long-term approach may be ill-advised.

In which case, one would opt for private room storage, which delivers on all the security of containerised storage, but with the freedom for you and your client to have ongoing access.

An online inventory will allow you and your client to keep abreast of what works are in stock and what might have been taken out. This kind of transparency ensures that everyone is comfortable with the whereabouts of these objects of desire.

After all, when it comes to major interior design projects, it can be all too easy to lose track of time and furnishings. Investing in a solid, professional programme of storage will ensure that you can focus on designing the interior of a home, safe in the knowledge that your client’s art collection is well looked after.


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