Essential Items for your Outdoor Entertainment Area

Having an outdoor entertainment area allows you to spend time enjoying the great outdoors without having to leave home. Whether you use it to relax in the sun with a book, entertain friends or eat family meals, there are a few must-haves to help you maximise the use of your outdoor area.

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Cooking Outdoors

Being able to cook outdoors will enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor area. An outdoor kitchen or barbeque area will be really handy when entertaining visitors. Being able to cook meals outside will turn your outdoor area into a very liveable and useable space, adding an extension to your home’s living area. There are so many barbeque options available for outdoor cooking. Check out for ideas. You will be inspired. Modern barbeques can come equipped with bench top space, heating trays and even the kitchen sink! Barbeques are designed to grill, bake and even steam foods, so the menu can be very extensive.


To cook successfully outside, and turn your outdoor space into a working food preparation area, you need to have the kitchen stocked with all the appliances and gadgets you need for cooking. Sharing utensils with the indoor kitchen will not work very well. Besides, the gadget you need for outdoors will be different. You can buy what you need or grab a ready-boxed barbeque tool kit.

A Fire Pit

Having a fire will greatly enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor area. People are fascinated with fire and your guests and family will really enjoy sitting around the fire pit. These are inexpensive and they look great. You can buy cast iron fire pots that won’t make a mess. The fire pit can also act as a heater on those colder nights.


Use lighting to add to the ambience of your outdoor area. Fairy lights draped around the area will add a touch of romance. Solar lights planted throughout the garden and along pathways look stunning. Add floating candles to water features and have a few citronella candles standing around too. You will need good lighting on your food preparation area.

Sun Protection

Having shade from the sun is absolutely essential if you want to use your outdoor entertainment area during the day. You might choose an awning, shadecloth, a shade sail or a more permanent roof. Outdoor umbrellas can look great too. Spend time checking out where the sun hits your outdoor area at different times of the day before choosing which option you go for.

Soft Furnishings

Throw some colourful cushions around; add a colourful rug, something with a great texture will look good. Dress up your outdoor entertainment area with soft furnishings to help make it a space you want to spend time in. Fit it out with comfortable chairs and couches so you can enjoy lounging around out of doors. Beanbags made out of a durable fabric can be great too. Hang a colourful hammock and your outdoor area will be very inviting.

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