DIY Project : Safety Procedures When Using A Cut Off Saw.

If you’re just getting into the world of DIY projects and repairs around the home, and are looking to invest in some power tools, then it’s important you know how to use them safely. Power tools – like a cut off saw – are potentially dangerous when not used properly. Below are 5 simple, but necessary, procedures that you should always use when operating a cut off saw. Keep them in mind the next time you’re at work, and hopefully you’ll never have any accidents in your work shed or garage.

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1. Check that the saw is functional and clear of all hazards.

Before you even turn on your cut off saw, make sure the device is completely free of debris, and your area free of hazards. This includes bits of wood on the floor, and of course other people in your vicinity. Make sure the saw is in good working order too, with all the guards fitted and secure. Also, spend a little time reading the instruction manual that comes with your saw to familiarise yourself with its controls and basic functions. Of course, it’s always a great idea to only use high quality tools, such as STIHL power tools, which will make light work of the task at hand, and last a long time. But whatever tools you use, make sure your working environment is as safe as possible before beginning your work.

2. Keep hands and loose clothing away from the blade.

When using the cut off saw, never have your hands near the blade. It only takes a gentle slip or a misstep for you to come into contact with the blade, potentially causing an accident. It’s also a great idea to tuck your shirt in when operating the saw, as well as rolling up your sleeves.

3. Don’t align your body with the disc.

This goes with the last tip too. Never have your body right in front of the machine when cutting anything on a cut off saw. Stand slightly to either side and move the item you’re cutting along, rather than up or down it.

4. Finishing the cut

When you’ve made your cut, release the switch, hold the saw down and wait for the blade to stop spinning completely before you remove the material you’re cutting. Also, avoid touching the blade for a while after cutting as it can be hot enough to burn your skin.

5. After Use

Once you have used the cut off saw for everything you need, remove all of the cut offs and foreign materials from the saw. Unplug the machine from the wall and put it away in a tidy and safe place – out of the way of anyone that may accidentally turn it on and start it up without knowing what they are doing.

Knowing how to operate a cut off saw safely is critical when operating power tools. Failure to be safe can result in long lasting, and potentially fatal accidents. So the next time you start on a project with your cut off saw, keep the above in mind, and hopefully you’ll never have an accident whilst cutting your wood.

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