Ten Reasons to Get Hyperfast Internet

Having access to the internet opens up all kinds of opportunities that would never be possible without an internet connection. However, does the speed of your connection really matter? Here we give ten reasons for getting a hyperfast internet connection.

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Better Browsing

A hyperfast connection will mean that when you browse on-line, you’re unlikely to suffer long page loading times or see stuttering pages. This is particularly true on content heavy sites, which is where you are bound to see the greatest difference.

Smoother Streaming

If you like to listen to music or watch videos on-line using services like Spotify or Netflix, then a slower connection could mean the dreaded ‘buffering’ message which will slow down your videos or music or even cause them to stop completely.

Greater Gaming

For gaming enthusiasts, a hyperfast internet connection is a must, particularly if you enjoy playing on-line multi-player games. A faster connection means you can play without interruption or lag, which is vital in games which require quick reaction times such as first person shooters or sports games.

Upload without waiting

If you like to get your photos printed on-line, or use an on-line backup solution like Dropbox, then a fast connection means you don’t have to wait for as long when uploading photos or other files.

Download more faster

Purchasers of digital content including movies, music and video games will really appreciate a hyperfast connection for downloading as it means you can access your content quicker. Want to watch the latest HD movie release? With a hyperfast connection, you can start in minutes.

More Users

If your home consists of a number of people who will be using the internet at the same time, then a hyperfast connection means that you won’t suffer any slow down on your fibre optic broadband when additional users log on. This means no more fights about whose turn it is to browse, download or stream!

Home Working

For those who work from home, then a fast connection is certainly desirable. A slow connection can make for a frustrating experience, which is the last thing you need when you have important deadlines to work to.

Multi-Tasking your Connection

A great benefit of a hyperfast connection is that you can multi-task! Want to browse, download your latest digital purchase and stream last night’s TV catchup? With a slow connection this would be impossible, but with a hyperfast connection it’s a piece of cake that makes for an all round better user experience.

Video Chats

Speaking to family and friends face to face on-line can be a great way to stay in touch, but it’s not fun on a slower connection if you’re constantly interrupted or receive distorted video calls. A hyperfast connection means you can chat unimpeded.

Bragging Rights!

Okay, so this may be a superfluous point, but one final reason for getting hyperfast internet is to have bragging rights over your friends! With speed monitoring sites making it easy to post your results to Facebook, more people do this than you’d think!


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