NYE from home with a difference

Everyone loves New Year’s Eve.

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The good things are: Spending a whole night with all your friends and family, enjoying too many drinks, looking forward to the future with an increased sense of positivity and drawing a line under the past 12 months.

Conversely, the bad things are: Paying an admission fee to get into the same pub you drink in for free every other night of the year, getting squashed at a bar, while the staff systematically ignore your existence and the search for a taxi home that can take up the first six hours of New Year’s Day.

In order to have a NYE to remember, you need to have more of the good things than the bad and one of the best ways to do this is to stay at home to welcome 2014 in.

Good cheap fun

Unless you plan to charge people to get in your house – and this may result in you becoming unpopular very quickly – holding a New Year’s Eve party at your home can save you and your nearest and dearest a substantial amount of money.

Everyone can bring their own drinks and there will never be any problems keeping everyone refreshed.

Drink AND food

Getting hold of food on December 31st can be hard work. Even pubs and bars that do cater for your taste buds are likely to have abandoned the practice for the night as all hands are devoted to serving drinks, while restaurants usually have an inflated set menu and were booked up months in advance, anyway.

By staying at home, you have all the convenience that your kitchen provides you with, but there is another and more memorable way of catering for NYE.

You could have a BBQ-centric garden party. If you get wrapped up, you and your friends can enjoy all the midnight fireworks shows with a perfect view of the night sky. There is also the added bonus of keeping your house nice and tidy.

If you want to do this, you’re going to need a good BBQ to provide the food and a bit of comfort. Weber barbecues are some of the best in the business and you can see a full breakdown of their specs over onĀ this page.

Make your own drinks – and entertainment

Of course, people will bring their own beverages to your party, but there is nothing to stop you taking these offerings and turning them into weird and wonderful concoctions by encouraging a bit of cocktail making.

You’re bound to have one guest who thinks he is Tom Cruise and will take the lead with the shaker, but after a while, everyone will be up and making their own drinks. There are now so many cocktails that it is hard to come up with your own, but there is nothing to stop you trying! Some of the more apt drinks include Champagne-based cocktails such as Champagne Supernova and Champagne & Chambord, so you can always fall back on these tried and tested recipes if your own adventures into mixology do not prove to be too fruitful.

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