Easy TIps for Renovating your Home

Does your home need a bit of sprucing up? Doing a complete remodel of your house can take ages and be extremely costly, but did you know it’s possible to freshen up your home with smaller renovation projects? It all depends on which projects you choose! So get ready for a new look with less than half the time and money of a full overhaul.

Update the Flooring

Redoing the floors in a room can completely change the look of the space. Consider the function of the room before you decide which type of flooring to use. For example, living areas might benefit from warm hardwood, while play areas would be best with a soft type of flooring. You can buy Natural Stone Tiles to use as flooring in the bathroom for a great new look.

Freshen Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often a place where people congregate in the home. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just cooking for the family, it’s likely to be a place where you spend a good deal of time, so why not give it an update? Replace the countertops to really give your kitchen a new and fresh look. Different types of counters can really change the style and personality of a kitchen. Adding an island to your kitchen can help improve how you use the space. Add stools or bar chairs to the island if you’ve got the room, as a place for people to congregate.

Update the Lighting

Another aspect of your home which really affects the atmosphere is the lighting. What kind of mood do you want to set with the lighting in your various rooms? Energy efficient dimmers and halogen bulbs can help you save energy, and the lights are often softer for a more cozy ambiance. Consider recessed lighting for a nice ambiance without taking up too much space.

Spruce with Paint

Don’t think that you have to completely overhaul all your fixtures to enjoy the benefits of a spruce-up. Something as simple as adding a new coat of paint to kitchen or bathroom cupboards can really freshen up a space. Or add a new trim color to some of your rooms for a bit of pizzazz. Here’s how to prep wood for paint in case you decide to go for it on your own.

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