A Hotel in Amsterdam with an Eye for Design

The Qbic hotel in Amsterdam is taking the hotel experience to a whole new level. They believe that hotel guests expect more these days and that the hotel experience does not live up to the needs of the guests. The hotel claims that whilst the world has progressed leaps and bounds, the hotel experience has been left behind. If you want to book this revolutionary hotel then head to Hostelbookers to get some great deals.

The hotels are specifically designed to be fit the budget of travellers that are conscious about how much money they are spending. What’s more is that you will serve yourself when you check in, you will be using a self service check in machine where you will receive your key. You can even buy the food yourself, vending machines are located in the hotel. Not just any old vending machines! Here you can buy fantastic local food from bakeries, caterers, along with other amenities.

The Qbic makes sure that they start by getting the basic things right, they pride themselves on having what guests need; spotless, soundless rooms, a lavishly comfortable bed, a powerful shower and free wifi. Sounds great, right? Well that is only the beginning, where other hotels would stop Qbic goes one step further. They want you not just to sleep at their hotel, they want you to meet other travellers and feel free. Qbic welcomes guests to be spontaneous, whether it be you choosing to eat your breakfast in a park across the street, or if you want to have a meeting in the lounge it is no problem at all. The hotel is full of surprises, you may find out that the member of staff that is assisting you could actually be something as random as a skilled juggler, you could accidentally walk down into the basement and happen upon a workshop where there are bicycles being constructed from abandoned parts. They even boast that they buy their ingredients for food from a local foundation that also makes and provides food for homeless people.

In the room you will find everything that you need to have a great stay, you will have an LCD TV, a safe, an ingenious work and dine set, and different lighting to choose from to suit your mood. The Qbic in Amsterdam is in a fantastic location in the heart of the city. So, if your looking for a new hotel experience, at a great price then make sure you book this revolutionary hotel. What are you waiting for?


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