Turn your spare room into a library

Unloved rooms. Most of us will have one in our homes – even if that ‘room’ is in fact your garden, which resembles more of a jungle or a landfill site than somewhere where you relax among the flowerbeds and foliage.

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So much is this the case that B&Q are currently running an ‘unloved rooms’ campaign based around them.

While the garden is a common culprit, a room in the house which all too often gets forgotten about is the elusive spare room. When it comes to putting time, effort and money into interior design, a lot of individuals will simply ignore it – we don’t spend any time in there, so what’s the point?

Well, what if you could use it and turn it into a room in the house where you would like to spend time?

One transformation that might appeal to many could be turning it into a library. Most families have a sitting room, play room, snug or whatever else they call it, where everyone spends time together, watching TV, playing board games, winding down in the evenings and so on. However – especially if you have young children – it can become a little chaotic and is far from the oasis of calm that it should be!

Turning your spare room into a library where you can curl up and get lost in the pages of a great novel could be the perfect solution to this. But how to go about it?

First and foremost, you will need bookcases – and lots of them. A wall of books can look extremely sophisticated, channelling Edwardian chic – especially if you have a running ladder propped up against it if the room is tall enough.

Once you have built your bookcases, investing in solid mahogany furniture will only add to the classy design. If you are concerned about cost, you could purchase replica pieces (available from retailers like this one) which will look just as good as the real thing, but for a mere fraction of the price.

If the structure of your house will allow, there really is nothing like an open fire when it comes to curling up with a book, or you may like to get a wood-burning stove fitted – so perhaps look at whether or not this is an option. No more freezing cold nights for you.

If that’s not possible, soft furnishings like big, comfy cushions or beautiful rugs will give your room an extremely homely feel and invite you to spend as much time as possible in there. Make sure you invest in a beautiful free-standing lamp as well, as you may not want to switch on the main light if you are in the mood to wind down – but you will need a quality enough light source to read by, so you don’t strain your eyes.

Once you have sorted out the furniture and furnishings, the last thing to get is … the books! Now that digital seems to be engulfing paper forms of pretty much everything, you can pick up books at second hand shops for a fraction of the price that they used to be. What’s more, they have been used and loved, so will give your library that antiquated, vintage feel, which goes perfectly with this kind of room.

And if you still want to keep its function as a spare room for the odd time that the in-laws do come to stay, why not stick a sofa bed in your library, which you can also use in the meantime to curl up on?


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