Fantastic florals for the bedroom

It’s fair to say that flowers are sprouting up frequently in fashion these days. The floral print is one of several looks of the moment, and the bedroom is definitely one place where it can look truly brilliant.

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So if you’re loving the florals seen in everything from dresses to socks on the high street, you might well want to bring a similar look into the room where you sleep, a space where floral designs can be used to achieve a variety of fantastic effects.

Although they all feature designs which focus on pretty plant life, florals are actually a very diverse type of look to go for when it comes to textiles.

The designs are sometimes muted and autumnal, sometimes pink and super-feminine, sometimes very bright and bold – to give just three examples And they depict any number of different types of flowers. But one thing’s for sure, they’re certainly an eye-catching choice to make when it comes to bedding that could really help to refresh a space.

And it goes without saying that you’ll want to bring all the design elements of your bedroom space together, including its bedding.

Unifying colours

Almost any style of floral bedding would likely look great standing out against muted, pale walls, but why not take the opportunity to bring some of the zest out on in a space by choosing a colour you like that forms part of the bedding’s pattern, and then investing in a similar shade of paint? This could be applied either to walls, or to accents like skirting boards or window frames.

Suddenly, you’ll have a space that is startlingly unified – one that you’ve created a bespoke design for. You don’t have to just use paint to create this new look, because matching accessories by colour can work wonders, too.

Vintage and classic

A floral pattern that has a traditional, timeless feel may feature colours that are not very bright in nature – which will all be part of its appeal.

Although there’s nothing wrong with using brighter versions of these colours on your walls if you like things bold, the space may look that bit more unified if you keep to the same sorts of shade throughout.

If there are muted greens in the design, for example, you could opt to use a light, creamy green on walls that’s similar. Remember that very deep colours can sometimes be overpowering if you opt to use them throughout a room, so lightening-up is one possible way to avoid this.

Harnessing nature

Floral patterns certainly bring to mind the natural world, and so, depending on the design, can look great against other natural features. Think natural wooden furniture that hasn’t had coloured paint applied to it, for example. Used near a pattern with greens and browns, this could look particularly great.

There are a range of great places online to get floral bedding, bedroom sets and other fantastic things that can be used in revamping your sleeping space, including Curtains and Curtains.


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