What to think about when designing a custom kitchen

When it comes to kitchen design, choosing the right layout and style can be tricky, as there is so much choice. An ideal way to achieve the kitchen of your dreams is to draft in the services of a bespoke kitchen creation firm, which will help you put your ideas to paper.

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Below is a guide to help you come up with design ideas that are not only functional, but that also reflect your style choices and personality.

What will you use the kitchen for?

The first step to coming up with a kitchen design is to figure out how you’ll use the space. Gone are the days when the kitchen was simply an area for whipping up meals; now, the space is often a social hub in which families convene, kids do their homework and friends come over for a drink and a chat.

You’ll also need to give some thought to whether your kitchen will mainly be a food preparation area, or whether you also want to use it for dining. Consider how much space you have and what you would like to install, as well as how the room can be laid out to fulfil all your requirements. A bespoke kitchen manufacturer can help you figure out how you can make best use of the room – corner cupboards are one idea, while integrated appliances are also ideal in a compact kitchen.

Do you have a theme in mind?

When planning your kitchen, having a theme to go on can be helpful, as you may already know what sort of materials and colours you’d like to use in the area. For a thoroughly modern kitchen, glossy cupboards in crisp whites or contemporary reds can be ideal, along with sleek integrated induction hobs and built-in appliances like coffee machines or microwaves.

If it’s a rustic, country kitchen you’re hoping to create, natural wooden elements can be offset by pastel shades, and you might decide to stick to traditional appliances like an Aga cooker to really cement your theme.

Do you want to create zones?

If you want to get as much use from your kitchen as possible, you might want to create zones in the area, such as an area for cooking, a dining section and a corner that you can use as a study, either for yourself, your partner or the children. This means you can spend time together as a family, even when you’re each doing different things.

The social element of family life is now more important than ever, and a custom kitchen design firm can help you organise the space so that everyone can use it to its full potential.

What sort of accessories do you need?

Your kitchen should be personal to you, so you’re bound to want to decorate the area with things like family photos and put up a useful pinboard or whiteboard for keeping track of errands. Give some thought to the other sorts of accessories you’d like in the space that would ensure things run smoothly day-to-day, such as an integrated dishwasher or perhaps a modern steam cooker that you don’t have to stand over for hours while your meal cooks.

Your kitchen designer will ensure the space incorporates these useful accessories, or can suggest items if you’re unsure of what you might need.


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