How to make the most of a small living room

It can be frustrating trying to come up with interior design ideas for a small space and many homeowners struggle to look for ways in which they can make the most of the room they’ve got. With our advice, you’ll be able to transform a tiny area in no time and turn it into a refreshing and relaxing place to reside – read on to find out more.

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It could be the case that your living room looks smaller than it is due to the fact you’ve filled it with too much stuff. The more you try and cram into a space, the more compact it becomes and in turn, it’ll end up being a part of the house you try to avoid, rather than one you want to spend time in!

By investing in good storage solutions – such as shelves or drawers that can easily slide underneath sofas and tables – you’ll be able to physically create more space for you to move around in.

Instead of piling up books or pairs of shoes around the room, find a place for them to remain at all times. It might even be worth installing storage that completely conceals your clutter, such as shelving that is covered by a sliding door.
Wooden flooring

In order for a space to seem lighter and larger than it actually is, it’s essential that you rip out any old carpets and replace them with new, wooden flooring.

Carpets – especially darkly coloured ones – make your living room look dingy and overcrowded, so it’s important you get rid of them as soon as possible. If you want to add texture and personality to the space, you could always do this by placing a fur rug over the floorboards.

Is this your first time considering a wooden surface for your abode? Then you’d probably be better off installing engineered wood floors, as one of the main advantages of the material is how easy it is to fit using the floating floor method.

Not only is the flooring cheap – have a browse online yourself with UK Flooring Direct – it is also extremely durable and therefore perfect for rooms such as the lounge where there are often large amounts of foot traffic.
Simple theme

The living room is one of the main areas in the house that’s used for both family time and social gatherings, so being able to boast a space you’re proud of – and not one that’s messy and stuffy – could be crucial to your day-to-day happiness.

My advice would be to choose a basic theme for your lounge, as if it features complicated and exotic designs then it could seem smaller than it is, rather than bigger.

A neutral shade like pale blue or cream will help to make the room feel more welcoming, while if you do want to use a bolder colour it should be coupled with white to ensure the space looks larger.

When it comes to selecting new items of furniture, opt for simple, low-backed sofas and understated coffee tables, as these won’t overwhelm the eye too much but will look classy and minimalistic.


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