5 Original Ideas for Wedding Gifts



We all fall for the Cinderella story of happily ever after, we become mushy and teary when those written poetic vows are exchanged and well that’s it. We also want to give that special couple a gift that will not only be special and unique but one that will always remind them of this special day that is getting everyone emotional. Probably we want a gift that can help them ride out the rocky days of their marriage and even create happy memories in the process. Here are a few that will do just that.


Sipping wine has a way of lifting the spirits and turning on the romance. You may even have had wine on your first date, and the couple you are buying the gifts for may probably have done the same. For a more sentimental touch, get a brand of wine that the couple associates with their journey of love as their wedding gift. A great idea would be to get the first wine that they had on their first date. Then ask the seller for wine that they can drink during their five years anniversary, ten years and so forth so the moments become lively and memorable. So package you’re your wine collections and the card should read something like ‘Do not tire to make wonderful memories together’. This shows the couple that you believe they will be able to stand the test of time.


If you have been a close friend to either one of the couple that is getting married you were probably there when the when the question was popped and may even have taken a photo of that special moment. Mostly it is always an awkward moment because you never know what the answer could be.  So if you can get the picture of where this whole journey began you can get an artist to paint the picture on canvas and capture the emotions creatively. Let this painting always remind them where they started.


You do not want the luxury of the honeymoon to just end at the comfy hotels they stayed in during their getaway. Get luxurious pillows and beddings that will leave a lasting impression on their lives. Every time they get onto that bed they will always remember the memories they created in their honeymoon and it will be beautiful enough to last a lifetime.


Choosing an ideal gift for a couple is really a daunting task. Most of the gifts will end up being the same anyway. If you are really not sure you can arrange with a gift shop for a shopping voucher that will allow the couple to go and choose a gift together so they can really get what they need and will use. Make it a bit special by finding some nice wedding gift boxes to put them in to make it a little bit special and fancy.


This could be a great gift for a couple especially if a group of close friends handpicked a destination for them and arranged for holiday tickets. This way you will allow them to be adventurous, giving them a chance to create memories.


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