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Sofa design and its impact in your home

Few items have a bigger impact on the way a home looks than the sofa.  It’s among the largest items of furniture seen by guests and it gets more use that almost any other item.  Given this, it’s really important that it’s well chosen, practical, and the right fit for the room it is placed in.  So what factors need to be considered in order to get the choice right?

sofa desin

Size and shape

The first thing to think about when buying a sofa is size.  Where is it going to go, and will it fit? Does it need to be tucked into a corner or should it dominate the room?  Should it be long enough to lounge on or small enough to snuggle?  It’s always worth measuring before buying, as mistakes can be expensive!

These days, sofas come in all shapes and sizes.  A corner sofa can provide more seating space in a small room and is a great choice for big families.  A classic high-backed style can give a room a classy look while a more unusual contemporary style will complement modern decor.  Some sofas are designed to sit against walls while others – often with chunkier backs or softer curves – look good in the middle of a larger room.

Color and fabric

Some sofas, in soft beiges and browns, are fairly ‘safe’ in that they will go with most things, so they allow for more flexibility in future room design.  Any sofa can be covered with a throw or accessorized with cushions, but a bold color is still worth considering because of the statement it can make in the room.  The boldest sofas feature big, bright patterns and are very much in this season, while small patterns are a good idea for families with young kids, as they’re great at hiding scuffs and stains.

The best answer to child-induced damaged, however, is a sturdy, easily cleaned fabric.  Most sofas get a lot of wear so something tough is a good idea, but it’s still worth considering the luxurious softness of velvets or the classic elegance of real leather, which actually improves as it ages.

Form and function

Sofas get used in many different ways.  People who regularly have guests to stay would be well advised to look into the great sofa beds available these days, while people who enjoy lying back in front of the TV could consider recliners.  Taller sofas with firm cushions make life easier for many older people and people with disabilities, while paired smaller sofas are great for those who want to play board games or hold meetings around the coffee table.

The right choice of sofa can address your practical needs while giving your home real style and personality.  Whether it’s for greeting guests in the living room, sitting back with a book in the bedroom or filling a niche in the hallway, it’s well worth investing in something good that can provide satisfaction for years to come.



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