Shutters: the perfect complement to bay windows

 Those lucky people who live in homes with bay windows have such a head start when it comes to dramatic window treatments. With the beautiful shape and unusual profile of a bay window, a room is given instant appeal and focus. Homes with interesting architectural features can be full of charm and making the most of such unique detail really separates a house from the crowd.

A home doesn’t have to be Victorian or Edwardian in style to boast bay windows, many modern houses have them incorporated into their designs. The spaciousness they add to a room as well as bathing them in light make bay windows favorite areas for reading or simply sitting and enjoying the view.

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So which window treatments work best on bay windows?

Traditional window treatments such as drapes and blinds can really look stunning on a bay window, but increasingly those looking for the ultimate in classical good looks and style opt for internal shutters. There are many reasons for this, not least the trickiness of installing curtain poles and blind tracking within a bay window. With many different angles and sections to accommodate, the window area can end up looking crowded and out of balance with the rest of the room.

However, choosing internal shutters that are made to measure creates a well-integrated and neat solution to the unusual shape of a bay window. With their generous dimensions, such windows welcome plenty of light, so it is a good idea to choose a method that optimizes the light, but still allows for flexibility in terms of privacy and glare reduction. The good news is that internal bay window shutters can be made to measure, so even if the dimensions of the window are unconventional, the shutters will fit like a dream.

Apart from lending a room a real air of sophistication and style, internal shutters have a number of other benefits. Many designs enable the user to control light and privacy levels, simply by opening the slats. Those living in fully south facing homes or on busy streets appreciate this level of interaction. Compared to a blind or drapes which are either open or closed, with shutters there is a welcome degree of flexibility. On sunny days it is simple to keep the lower half of the shutters closed for privacy, allowing light to stream through the open half at the top. Perfect!

The trends in interior design and furnishings are all heading towards more streamlined silhouettes with simpler finishes. Billowing drapes and fussy window treatments are being abandoned for the clean lines interior shutters provide. Wooden shutters do not harbor dust in the same way heavy drapes do, they also offer a degree of insulation and can add an extra layer of security at the window.  Add to that the vast choice in colors and finishes available, and it is clear that interior wooden shutters can look at home in any room.

So if the solution to that awkward shaped bay window has been hard to find, why not consider internal shutters? For elegance, practicality and choice, they really are worth investigating.


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