Know it to be useful or believe it to be beautiful

William Morris once said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Basically, it means to have a discerning eye and appreciate things of use or beauty. Meanwhile, other items are not worth bothering about.

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This mindset is a way to try to help you edit out clutter and chaos in your life and only value the things that truly matter. It’s a way to simplify your life while also taking pleasure in the things you truly like. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can use this mindset to de-clutter your life.


Preserve the space

It’s very easy to fill our houses with random things that we’ve accumulated. Sometimes we take things out of guilt if a friend is moving away and needs to get rid of some furniture, or we buy things that we don’t need.

It’s hard to untangle why we accumulate things we don’t need. Perhaps we have the compulsion to spend our hard-earned money, or maybe we have an untreated mental illness. But the clutter just creates more chaos, and if you can, try to be selective about the things you let into your home. If they are not truly beautiful or have a clear and necessary purpose, then leave it on the store shelf.


Rock your style

Choosing only the things that are either functional or beautiful is the first step to expressing your own personal style. Instead of accumulating unnecessary junk, you can keep only the things that you feel are functional or beautiful. You can apply this mindset to everything in your home, from your clothes to your furniture.

Also, if you truly honor this mindset, then you won’t be hitting the discount stores just because there’s a sale on. Instead, only buy the things you are sure you will use or provide aesthetic appeal to your home. So if you need to shop for designer children’s toys online to find true quality instead of hitting another rummage sale, go right ahead. We won’t tell.


Share this philosophy with others

You can also apply this philosophy when it’s time to give gifts to friends and family. Many people are guilty of simply buying a gift as a placeholder because they don’t have time to think about the recipient would really want. So instead of just buying a random item just because you have to, spend time thinking about what the person would really want, and what would be beautiful or functional for him or her. That way, you can avoid passing off clutter onto another person’s life.

What are some other ways to accentuate beauty and usefulness in your life? Sound off in the comments below!

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