4 easy ways to update your bathroom

If your bathroom is overdue an update, think about making some significant changes to the space without revamping the entire area. Sometimes a new addition to the area is all it takes to give the bathroom an entirely new look.

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Replacing a dated suite is an ideal way to bring your bathroom up to date, even if you swap out just one appliance. Read on to find out more about how you can give this area of your home a new lease of life.

Install a shower cubicle

If you want to make a major change in your bathroom, having a shower cubicle built in to the space can have a significant impact. This might mean changing the layout of the bathroom, and will also give the space more value.

You’ll need to make sure you have room for a shower enclosure – although they are available in a range of sizes – and that you position it in such a way that it doesn’t then take up too much space. Corners are ideal places for shower cubicles.

If you really haven’t room to fit a separate enclosure, get rid of your old shower curtain and replace it with a modern glass screen to open up the space. You could also swap out your aging shower for a contemporary powerful version to update the bathroom.

Swap appliances for floating alternatives

Another change you could make to the bathroom is to invest in floating appliances. Toilets and sinks are increasingly being fixed to and plumbed in to walls, rather than via traditional pedestals, and this gives the bathroom a really modern look.

In addition to the aesthetic value added to the area, floating appliances can give you more space, which can be especially useful in a small bathroom. With extra room underneath the lavatory and hand basin, you could store things like weighing scales or a step for the children to use to reach the sink, for example.

Invest in a freestanding bath

The timeless appeal of freestanding baths means that this type of tub is now available in a wide range of styles, from traditional roll-top curved options to more angular modern versions that sit directly on the floor.

You could remove your old built-in bath and change the layout of the room so that the freestanding replacement is the focal point in the centre of the room, or have it against a wall if you haven’t got lots of extra space in your bathroom.

Regardless of the style of your bathroom, you’ll be able to find a freestanding¬†tub¬†that fits in with the overall look you’re going for, and you’ll also find different styles of taps to complement your theme, from traditional double brass taps to sleek chrome mixers that can be plumbed into the floor next to the tub.

Spruce up storage units

Another way to give your bathroom a new look is to remove old storage units and replace them with stylish modern alternatives. If you’ve got a colour scheme in the bathroom, look at units that match this, or even add accents of colour to them by changing the handles or using decals for decoration.

An alternative is to keep your old storage units and refresh them, perhaps by giving them a new coat of paint and filling in any holes or dents that need repairing. You could also give the units a new look by distressing the paintwork or by adding feet to the underside.


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